Oct. 16th, 2011

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I was in Russia when I received a text from [livejournal.com profile] mothergoddamn: DARREN HAYES. £25. LIVERPOOL. SAY YOU'LL COME.

I fumbled with my phone: YES!!

Hayes was playing at the Academy, a smallish venue, and we reasoned that he probably didn't have a large fanbase in Liverpool, of all places, so we took sauntered over to the Academy after a couple of drinks last night. I didn't really care about his newer stuff - To the Moon and Back is one of my very favourite songs, so if it the rest of it was crap, I didn't care much.

The place was packed. We couldn't believe how many people were there, that he had such a large following. And it was so much fun from the very beginning. I'm used to indie bands where I'm constantly fighting with the crowd and everyone seems to have cranked their obnoxious level up to 10, but there was none of that last night.

Everyone sang along to the old Savage Garden hits. I remembered exactly why I loved that band so fiercely: their songs just make me so happy. What's wrong with that? The newer stuff was actually fun and decent. He has such a lovely, distinctive voice. Yes, he sang To the Moon and Back and yes, everyone sang along. It was awesome.

Still hot tbh

I just wish all concerts could be that much fun and that good-natured. D'aww. :D


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