Jul. 4th, 2012

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Everything's been so, so busy lately that I haven't had time to do anything on the internets (not having a connection at home at the moment probably doesn't help). It also means that I've neglected Awesome Community (if I do say so)

[community profile] vc_media , but that'll change from Monday when I'm back online properly. 

So first there was Thassos in May, and that was lovely and Greek and I'd totally go there again. Then there was work being crazy and changing roles and all that business.


Then there was California:


 I need to write a full report on that but there was San Francisco and Alcatraz and the Golden Gate and Santa Cruz and Monterrey and Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and the Rock of Ages premiere (okay, standing there squinting at Zac Efron) and Paramount Studios and the Community set (okay, so the set was closed up, but we saw the library ~woo) and San Diego and Seaworld and Tijuana and Bakersfield and Paso Robles and all that palaver. It was amazeballs. And completely exhausting.

The day I returned from America, I had to travel down to Bristol - I literally had to struggle not to vomit, I was that exhausted (who vomits when tired, ffs?) spent 15 hours in a sleep coma and then travelled down south to pick up this little monster for my parents:


Then Ellie the Collie and I moved into a house in Liverpool that weekend, which required moving a lot of stuff around and haplessly getting my mum to fix it up for me because I have no creative skills when it comes to home decor and getting the phone line switched on and begging the water company to count me as a real person and not cut the supply off and boring things like shopping for fucking dustpans and bin liners.


Pretty much how I feel right now.

So this is my life now. I'm domestic, y'all. A little over two weeks ago I was all screaming my head off on a rollercoaster in Santa Cruz and today I'm wondering how to paint my spare bedroom.


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