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[personal profile] versailles_rose pointed out that there's been a dearth of pics of Ellie not covered with a blanket. Haha.

So. Let me spam you with some Ellie pics. And introduce you (or help you recognise) some very border collie behaviour.

She has a very sly, intelligent look. But she's always fluffy and happy-go-lucky, so that's cool.

She pretends she's tough, but she likes nothing better than cuddling up to a nice warm human.

She has cute legs.

She looks kind of awkward sometimes. She sucks on her blanket and falls asleep like that, ears back, jaws open. It's bizarre.

She is obsessed with cars, and this is not fun. I'm trying to shake her out of this.

On walks, she picks up the lead in her mouth and walks along with it. She thinks she's taking me for a walk, and why won't I just follow her through that bramble bush?

It's hard to get a non-blurry photograph of her. I have to wait until she's sleepy.

It's hard to get her to sleep. She always seems to be thinking about complicated collie stuff.

She chews things she shouldn't; she chases things she shouldn't; she leaps into places she shouldn't.

She's naughty, terrible, awful, excitable, too sure of herself, friendly, affectionate, lively, lovely. She's Ellie.

Date: 2012-04-08 05:39 am (UTC)
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So cute! So tiny! How old is she?


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