May. 29th, 2010 09:15 am
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Oh my God, Rest of Europe, why do you hate us!

Well, apart from our song being terribly crap. I don't understand why the UK, whose musical legacy frankly stomps all over most of the other countries, gives such failtastic songs each year.

I would've liked Greece to win this year round (loved the 80s-esque costumes) but alas, bloc voting once again prevailed. Well, except that one of The Big Four actually won this year, so well done, Germany!

Note to Finland and Denmark: telling us all that your 12 points goes to your 'friends' or 'neighbours' isn't very sporting, is it? Pricks.

Anyway, Eurovision is still uhmazing. I love the trash, the bilingual announcements, the stupid politics, the excruciating flirtation between hosts and the silly flag-waving. Top night. Looking forward to next year. >:D
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Eurovision this year was FANTASTIC! That was definitely the most enjoyable show in many years - the calibre of the songs was much higher, Russia really did put on a brilliant night.

I loved Norway's entry (he looks like Frodo, for feck's sake!) and understand why it won with a landslide. I have no idea why Iceland (fluffy dress), Azkaban Azerbaijan (lol wut) and the UK (poor man's Leona Lewis) scored so highly, but it was nice to see the western countries given a fair chance for once, without too much infuriating eastern bloc voting.

I wanted Germany to rank higher, just for that audacious Dita Von Teese appearance. Haha. Oh, well... so, here, have a Norwegian hobbit:

Fantastic, cheesy, brilliant stuff. Can't wait for 2010! :D


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