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This post is one I have savoured even uploading. It is a post with the pictures as we entered Louisiana and New Orleans, and the first day there. I am so grateful to [ profile] annemariewrites for such an amazing journey and for sharing in and totes understanding the obsession and the excitement I have for this city. 
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I have so much to do! So many things to organise! Of course, the logical thing would be to go and do these things and stop procrastinating. The totally illogical thing to do would be to upload my holiday snaps. Yes. )
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Okay, here are some pics from Amsterdam. None with me in, sorry. I only ever upload photos of myself to Facebook. On the plus side, LJ people know how I really think, so good trade-off? Yes?

Schtop! These photos are ready now.  )

I am deadly serious about moving to Amsterdam. I've talked it over with my flatmate and I'm aiming for August, as I need to give my job a year and I should have one last mosquito-ridden summer in Spain. I hope I can stick with it - I'm tiring of Spain and want the comfortable trappings of northern Europe again, but I'm really enjoying my job at the moment and learning a lot. Should one stay just for a job? I dunno.

Also! I read in The Guardian a couple of days ago that cauliflower sales are plummeting, on account of them looking like dalek brains [sic] and tasting like rubber. I myself have had a terrible aversion to them for my entire life, hating their pasty vegetable complexions and their boiled, tired presence in my parents' cooking.

I was inspired to give my arch enemy another whirl, picking one up for 90 cents. I threw some into some pasta one night, some in a curry the next and tonight I tried the dreaded cauliflower cheese. Reader, it was awesome. I finally had the guts to make a roux and bechamel myself (are you impressed, [ profile] saffronlie?) and made the tasiest damned cauliflower cheese I have ever tasted. Granted, it was one by way of France (bleu d'Auvergne) and India (spices and a cheeky pinch of curry powder), but....mmm. All is forgiven, cauliflower. :D 

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There is a passage in the Bible where the Devil stands with Jesus on a mountain that looks upon "all the kingdoms of the world" and says, …Et dixit illi haec tibi omnia dabo si cadens adoraveris me-- "All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." Imagine looking out on all those riches, offered so much power! What a tempting, horrible moment. What a story.

It´s a dark, intriguing story, to be sure. And suppose you worked on the outskirts of Barcelona and all you had to do was turn to the right and look out of the window to see this imposing mountain named after that story rising up above the city, crowned by a church, omnipresent and impossible to ignore. In the end, Laura, my colleague, had to ask what I kept looking at and I told her. She enthused about going up Tibidabo, and how one can see all of Barcelona from there. Hannah chimed in with the story of Jesus and how she always thought about it when she saw the mountain.

So, of course, the logical thing to do was to go up there and maybe it would stop intriguing me so much. Though nothing is ever so easy in Barcelona. It is an attention h0r of a city, which is why I shouldn´t have been too surprised to get off the metro only to be confronted by a huge willy ).

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So, hey! I take a sabbatical and meanwhile England ushers autumn in. How very dare it!

Chris and I went a-wanderin' in Formby and Southport today. I saw live red squirrels for the first time, which rocked. The fresh, crisp autumn air and the golden leaves were just as good.
Photo opportunity good! )
Also, I have a chest infection that has outstayed its welcome. web stats analysis
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Finally, here is the first batch of my Rome pics. Enjoy! [ profile] airiddh1, hope this is a nice teaser for Rome...

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Rome means dead gay poets, of course. )


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