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I watched Super last night. We all thought it was a straight-up comedy along the lines of Kick-Ass. It's not. We were kind of traumatised by its unrelenting darkness but laughed hard. Liv Tyler, though. <3

So life is plodding along, being consistent and stuff. I'm still looking for change, but in an 'hey, it's autumn soon' way. I swear that I have not seen a clear, sunny day since June. It's been overcast for WEEKS now. I'm going to scream. I need sunlight, I need some gentle summer sun before we're consigned to the depths of winter again. This country, you guys! This tiny stupid island constantly covered in cloud, spat on by rain. I'll end up taking a cheeky break in Bulgaria or something when we get back from Russia because I NEED SUN.

Anyway, here's a reminder of when the UK actually does have sunlight in March-June. It's some snaps of my local church graveyard, which I've been meaning to upload forever. Going on the daffodils, I presume it's March. Anyway, Belfast next! 

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Sep. 30th, 2007 11:10 am
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Autumn has well and truly arrived here. The leaves on the trees have been falling and the air seems clearer, lighter, with a slight nip. (This did not stop me swimming in the sea the other day and half-freezing to death.)

I was worried about how I would handle the change in seasons over here. I am outside all the time in this city and whereas back home I could just turn up the heating a notch higher and go back to my internets, I don't have such an option here. The oncoming BLACK was, admittedly, difficult to handle when I first started noticing I was coming home to darkness after work.

However, I'm really enjoying the changes (apart from the BLACK, of course). I like that I don't think my heart is going to explode from heat exhaustion in the stifling metro. I like that I'll be able to put on my sexy new scarf I bought a couple of weeks ago. And seasonal eating! I mean, my grocery shopping used to be at bloody Asda or Morrisons, so I was used to eating whatever on earth I wanted whenever (strawberries in winter!) but now I buy vegetables from the local greengrocer or the market, so have had to do away with my suspicious Soylent Green eternal vegetables. This week, sprouts, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, chestnuts and wild mushrooms have appeared. Gone are my strawberries, but I can deal.

For breakfast this morning, I had a fry-up with wild mushrooms, duck egg and bacon, topped off with some brown sauce filched from an Irish bar. I ate it in the soft light of the patio. It's the best thing I've cooked in ages. :D

I feel like reading some autumn!poetry, but NOT WORDSWORTH.
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Midwinter spring is its own season
Sempiternal though sodden towards sundown,
Suspended in time, between pole and tropic.
When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire,
The brief sun flames the ice, on pond and ditches,
In windless cold that is the heart's heat,
Reflecting in a watery mirror
A glare that is blindness in the early afternoon.

T.S Eliot - Little Gidding

It’s still technically the most rubbish season of them all, but spring is grappling with winter. These things have happened in the last couple of weeks:

· Daffodils have started to come out
· Birds are now singing as dusk falls
· I don’t go home in that accursed BLACK, but to the backdrop of a rosy sky
· There is the comforting smell of freshly-cut grass everywhere, allergies be damned
· I see the sun with my own eyes, not just in pretty pictures in books
· The new season of floaty, dreamy clothes is out
· I can see the rabbits in the field opposite when I get home

How on earth can something so simple and eternal as the turning of a season make a person feel so good? I don’t know, but I’m certainly not complaining.

There shall be no odes to daffodils in this journal, by the way.


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