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I'm finally getting some sort of plan together for the next couple of months, travel and fun!wise. I can't wait for sassy [ profile] saffronlie to arrive in this sceptred isle for July. At the moment, I'm here looking after my dogs and my dad for a bit while my mum has a break.

Today's the big one in a house full of males: England vs USA. I'd be completely confident of us wiping out the US today, except boasting will mean they thrash us. Ooh, I hope it's an exciting match!

The clouds have thankfully buggered off today as well, so we can have a barbecue and pretend we live in a warm country. I love barbecues and have spent the day preparing salads and dips and marinating meat. I hope they appreciate it.

At the moment, the Greeks are taking on South Korea and I feel like my head is going to explode with the sound of those bloody vuvuzelas. What's the point of going to a match and being deafened by them? Worryingly, the stadium isn't even very full for this match - I hope that England's one tonight doesn't sound like a very angry hornet's nest. Pah!
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I´m still no great Liverpool fan, but yaay for beating The Dark Menace, Chelsea. Everyone I talked to at work - Spanish, German, British, Irish - isn´t too bothered about who wins the Champions League as long as it doesn´t begin with C and end in helsea. Well, good, good. 

Mourinho, if you need somewhere to lay your sexy head, I have a shoulder only too willing...

I´m kind of glad I stayed home to watch the match rather than brave the Irish pubs. 5 Euros for a friggin´ pint! A bottle of passable wine is 98 cents down at the supermarket. Er... this may be a bad thing.
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We are avenged! For once, cheating, sly digs and that tosser Ronaldo diving and diving again produced nothing but a big fat LOSE for Portugal. Ahahahahahaaaa!!!!12

*Ahem* Normal LJ activities will resume after the World Cup, I swear.
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Computer's crashing again. Woo-hoo. :|

I can't believe how interesting the World Cup has been, what with all the dives and drama and all that. England crashed out last night on penalties yet again (oh noes!) but I can't believe that the press is vilifying Ronaldo for sticking up for his national side over that aggressive moron Rooney. Funny that. You stamp on someone's balls and you get sent off. (Who said football was for pansies?)

France were almost a joke at the beginning of the tournament. It looked like they weren't going to get past the first stage and instead they pwned Spain and knocked the seemingly invincible Brazilian team out to leave us with an all-European semi-final. Zidane is just the best, but Thierry Henry is one sexy Gallic git. I danced about and drank Kronenbourg while the pundits pontificated and played 'Hurt' for the defeated English team.

I love summer sport. :D
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I'm going to join just about every other person ever here when I say this (well, apart from the British Government...ahahaa) but I love Ireland. I love it to its gorgeous green depths, oh yes. Can I go back now? :(

I'll update more about it all later, after the ZOMG England-Portugal and waah France-Brazil matches.



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