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I watched Super last night. We all thought it was a straight-up comedy along the lines of Kick-Ass. It's not. We were kind of traumatised by its unrelenting darkness but laughed hard. Liv Tyler, though. <3

So life is plodding along, being consistent and stuff. I'm still looking for change, but in an 'hey, it's autumn soon' way. I swear that I have not seen a clear, sunny day since June. It's been overcast for WEEKS now. I'm going to scream. I need sunlight, I need some gentle summer sun before we're consigned to the depths of winter again. This country, you guys! This tiny stupid island constantly covered in cloud, spat on by rain. I'll end up taking a cheeky break in Bulgaria or something when we get back from Russia because I NEED SUN.

Anyway, here's a reminder of when the UK actually does have sunlight in March-June. It's some snaps of my local church graveyard, which I've been meaning to upload forever. Going on the daffodils, I presume it's March. Anyway, Belfast next! 

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For someone who is morbidly (ha) afraid of death - and I mean truly, awake-at-4am-thinking-it-over afraid - I sure do like my cemeteries. In fact, the more afraid of death I grow, the more I love cemeteries. They have to be old, though, and the pain far removed from them. I don't like new tombs at all, but old ones are so peaceful and beautiful.

I'm going to start a series in my LJ and post some photos of my favourite graveyards. Thus far, I have Pere-Lachaise and Montmarte (Paris), La Tour de Carol (French/Spanish border), that awesome old one in Boston, Lafayette, St. Louis No.1 and the one I can't remember (New Orleans), San Michele (Venice), various Greek and English cemeteries and, um, a deeply saddening one in Sarajevo. Exciting and weird times!

Anyway, let's start with Pere-Lachaise. )


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