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My friend Vicky had a spare ticket going for Jose Gonzalez, so I joined her last night for a concert at the Palau de la Musica Catalana. This is an absolutely beautiful, ornate old building tucked away in the business district.

I'm not a huge fan of Gonzalez, though I do like a few of his songs and adore Heartbeats. The concert was good - he has a great voice live and had a good rapport with the audience. I was introduced to some really good new songs from his new album. He did a fantastic cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack, but I was waiting and waiting for Heartbeats and was amused when some girl in the audience shouted a request for it.

And it's just such a nice song, so beautifully delivered. It was the perfect song for that magnificient, dreamy hall. I found my thoughts drifting as I listened, lulled by the song, the ambience and the beauty around me into a really content, brief peace. The song and that magic time lasted all of a couple of minutes, but it was so worth it. Fantastic.

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My boss today asked me what star sign I was. 'Aquarian,' said I.

'I knew it!' she shouted.

Hmm. What did it? My standoffishness, dreaminess, or general weirdness? I just stared at her with my enigmatic Aquarian disdain. (I bet birthday!twin Elijah Wood doesn't have days like this.) >:

OMG look what finally came in the mail today, guyz!!12:

My life is complete. And very French during August. >:)


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