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Due to fly home tomorrow from Greece. Packed, fighting to get an early night. And now The Volcano has decided that actually, I'm not going home tomorrow.

Explode, volcano, explode! It's back to the sea with me. Ho hum. :D 
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Well, I'm back now, tanned, poorer, and alarmed at how quickly it's getting dark of an evening.

Forget the culture, the food, the beauty... the biggest thing about my trip to Greece was a further Phew Death Was Staring Me in the Face there moment.

It went like this: one moment I'm in the Ionian sea, messing about because of all these stupid waves... the next, I've wandered over to where these jagged and rather painful rocks are hidden, can't keep my balance, can't swim because of the rocks, and wave upon wave of water is crashing down on me and submerging me. So I'm all, "errk! Help!" and Not Waving But Drowning, whereas my travelling partner is Waving and Not Realising I'm Drowning.

Anyway, I lived, if only so I could splutter with rage at how I was drowning and all she did was wave inanely, and then spent the next hour vomiting because of all the salt water I had swallowed. Nice.

Anyway, I figure that makes it number 2 on my list of Almost The End of Becky list, which goes like this:

1. The time I caught the 'flu and that, combined with my asthma, made breathing nigh impossible, though I only called the ambulance after my lips turned blue.

2. The whole sea thing.

3. The time I rounded that grove, and my bloody bike just pitched me right into a main bloody road. Thank God for great braking.

Anyhow, that was a nice, positive post, eh?


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