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This post is one I have savoured even uploading. It is a post with the pictures as we entered Louisiana and New Orleans, and the first day there. I am so grateful to [ profile] annemariewrites for such an amazing journey and for sharing in and totes understanding the obsession and the excitement I have for this city. 
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I have so much to do! So many things to organise! Of course, the logical thing would be to go and do these things and stop procrastinating. The totally illogical thing to do would be to upload my holiday snaps. Yes. )
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A fun tribute to George Washington for today. It's NSFW because Washington was badass.
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 So the last major bout of American awesomeness before I head home kicks off good style tomorrow: the 4th of July. 

I am excited and don't care how much ribbing I'll get about it (guy selling fireworks giving me a sombre 'God bless America' when learning of my nationality for one) or how different it is, it's going to be great! [ profile] wickedmanifesto has bought a load of fireworks (alas, not rockets - illegal in this city/state - [ profile] annemariewrites can correct me on this one) and, you know, I love an excuse for a barbecue and alcohol, so it's all good. 

Unfortunately, my timing is absurd and I have to leave for my flight at 6am the next morning. Argh! As I am also spectacularly bad at planning, I managed to book my trip down to London to go to the Japanese embassy the same day that I arrive, so it'll be a jet-lagged dash down there hours after the plane lands. 

It'll then be Stratford-upon-Avon with top marra [info]saffronlie  for a couple of days before I'll be back home and full of tales of all those states and people and rad times. Huzzah! :D 
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"If you post, I'm going to read all of it. And then things that make me angry... I'll punch you." - [ profile] annemariewrites *

Okay, so I have to make a somewhat cens0red post until I can get away from that ho above, so bear with me.

We're staying in this cosy** hotel on Chartres in the French Quarter. It at least has air conditioning, which is the raddest thing ever when stepping outside into what is akin to a sauna. Despite that, and the sunburn despite slathering on factor 50 sunscreen, it's still more bearable than the heat in Barcelona becaues of the air conditioning of a night. Represent! 

I was a little apprehensive about New Orleans if only because the more cities I see, the more jaded I become. It seems all cities have their Pleasant Little Square and their Dangerous Area, a shopping district and arty district, etc, etc. [ profile] annemariewrites said we'd need to have words if I disliked the city, but she can rest easy.

I. love. it.

I love the sultry heat and the gorgeous architecture and the ineffable friendliness of the people and the ornate plantations and the mouth-watering food. I've tried gumbo and etoufee, drinking on Bourbon Street and beignets at the Cafe du Monde (to die for). We've wandered Oak Alley plantation and enjoyed the life on Royal Street (you'll always be Rue Royale to me, bb). We've sat in Jackson Square and listened to jazz, gawked at the Mississippi and imagined so many different stories here. It's fantastic.

I am also under a threat to write original fiction from my awesome travelling buddy, though we may end up suing each other over a fabulous idea we had at the same time during a visit to Oak Alley. >:D

*She is a speed demon. She sings Katy Perry songs until my eyes are like popping out of my head. She accuses me of beating her up in the night, when I'm only kicking her. A little. She'll save children, but not the British children. I may have retaliated by explaining The Human Centipede to her.

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Hokay. So we found a shady motel just down the road from Graceland for the night. The air is thick and balmy and it kind of stinks in this motel, but: 

* Kansas was AMAZING and I love it and we saw the world famous Prairie Dog Land and Lawrence in particular was just beautiful

*  Missouri was fun

* Arkansas passed us by in a dark haze, mainly because the sun had set

* I've just seen the Mississippi in the...uh... flesh, for the first time ever. I AM EXCITED. :D 

Tomorrow, more Tennessee and Mississippi and finalement New Orleans. I love this place! >:D 

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I feel...

- Enraged at our score in the England vs USA match

- Kind of sick because I have just parted with a lot of money for two paltry flights

- Kind of excited because those flights are to America

- Really excited because I am FINALLY going to New Orleans! HELLLLLS YEAH ROAD TRIP!

I still hate your football team, America.


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