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I really enjoyed Russian tonight. More than usual, like. Chris and I got talking to a girl who is Polish-Latvian and training to be a neurosurgeon. She was interesting to talk to, and I'm sorry we didn't start chatting to her earlier. Actually, just about all of the class are really, really nice, interesting people. Except maybe that biff that asks stupid questions all the time (Why, yes, there are stupid questions, and screw anybody who says otherwise.)

Learned some interesting things. Like we need a bloody Visa to visit Russia! I Did Not Know That -- would have been embarrassing to be turned away at check-in. Hahahaha. There was other cool stuff, like...Russians traditionally celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January, and New Year a little later -- though they observe the Gregorian New Year as well, now. Father Christmas is "Ded Moroz" to them -- Grandfather Frost. I rilly like this lesson and am on best behaviour. I'm even looking forward to the surprise!exam.

There are only two drawbacks to this class:

1. Tonight, we learned that Russian for milk? Is the same as the highly offensive Greek word that basically translates to 'wanker'.

2. I realised, through my stifled attempts to control my hysterical giggles, that only Chris and I seem to be aware of the fact. I shall either force a stop to my gut reaction to laugh, or force myself to explain why I find milk so funny. I'll aim for the former. :|

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ETA: I just killed a massive mosquito and there is blood along my shelf. In November. In England. WTF, global warming, wtf?

ETA PART II: Why on earth are mosquitoes in a harsher, grey, northern climate bigger than the mosquitos in say, Greece or Spain, anyway?
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It was a great source of angst to me that Chris and I had to miss our Russian lesson this week, but some thing can't be helped. However, in a rare show of solidarity, my brain decided to help me out.

Last night, in my dreams, I was AWESOME.

I was an elite spy and I had to help this other elite spy get us out of some hostile country... somewhere. Anyway, we had to convince this warlord guy to help us, but apparently he hated English people.

So! I talked to him in Russian. In the context of my dream, I rocked harder than a cradle on crack.

When I woke up, I admit that I did wonder how exactly just muttering "spaseeba horosho" (fine, thanks) convinced someone to lend me his car, but oh, well. At least I did some constructive revising while asleep.

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Oh, wow. [ profile] kristoferllama and I signed up for an evening Russian course at Liverpool university a few weeks ago, on the dubious premise that the Japanese course was fully-booked. However, though I missed the first lesson due to being MIA, I really, really enjoyed tonight's lesson. There were so many great things. I loved being back amongst acadaemia. I loved the sexy men on campus with their pretentious scarves and glossy long hair and winter coats. A wave of nostalgia swept over me when we met our classmates; the over-eager overachiever; the man with the constant stupid questions; the cool Spanish lady and Svetlana, our Rrrrrrussian tutor.

I'm really enjoying it, and we've agreed to abandon our planned Finnish trip this winter to go and take in some Russia, like. We learned stuff with funky pronunciation. I rejoiced that Russian lacks the annoying rules of so many other languages such as those damned participles and articles. We watched a fun documentary where Soviet Russia Learns You, to a soundtrack of Back in the USSR.

Afterwards, I treated myself to some curry and chips from the fabled Athena (legendary kebabs). On the way back home, some drunk guy serenaded all the passengers with When You Were Sweet Sixteen. Some Chavs at the bus-stop were all, "Hey, girl! Would you go into the offie for us?"

Ah, it was like being back at uni all over again. *wipes tear* :

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What a strange, happy day. So, I've finally learned me some Catalan for the Evil Hotel Owner, thanks to the lovely [ profile] ozfille. We jet out on Monday and I have my Euros of Doom to spend on various Spanish-y goodness. Hurrah!

My last pay was messed up because (oh noes!!) I took one whole day off. This month, it's pretty substantial. I guess I'll be buying that FC Barca shirt after all. Ha!

Last night, I was given a chance to have The Last Word regarding some drama from a while back. It was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I won't go into it too much, but honestly, I'm that argumentative that this was all I wanted. Am all gleeful and happy.

I was then subjected to CAPS on Yahoo Messenger from a certain someone, which had me nearly crying with laughter. I don't know why they crack me up so much, but that girl makes me laugh me head off. Nameless, you're a nutter, but I loves ya. :p

Then, to top it all off-- I got the first Christmas card of the season today, from Australia! [ profile] kay2004, you rock.

Oh, and some kind soul has brought Cadbury's Yule Logs into the office. *Gazes up to heaven* Thank you.



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