Jan. 13th, 2008 12:02 am
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So, a fair while back,[personal profile] pandorasblog  and I were being all geeky and analysing IWTV a bit too far. Occitan/Langue d'Oc/Auvergnat was much more commonly spoken in the Auvergne in the 1700s than it is now. It is spoken with a very distinctive accent and it's fair to assume a character such as Lestat would speak that language with, say, his shouty father, or at least retain the distinctive pronunciation of words similar to French. Why did superdetective!Louis not pick up on it, huh? That  silly drunken Creole! Wouldn't it be good for a spec?

Well, probably. But hey, my writing skillz are wanting northern kitchen-sink drama lately and I couldn't work up to a proper fic about it. Here are some drabbles, though. They're light and a bit *meh*, but at least I've written something other than a shopping list for once.

Also, whilst I do so love being pretentious, I've provided translations of Occitan words used below, though the meanings don't add all that much to the drabbles, save the last one.

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It's been overcast here all day-- but overcast in the way that it seems there must be about ten layers of cloud up there. It was dark by 2pm. HURRY UP LONGEST DAY so we can get over this hellish, perpetual black.

The weekend's been pretty lazy. I've cooked and written, but by and large, it's been pleasantly slow - I have a lot of things on this week and need to work up energy for it. Like the Russian exam! (I love exams, and no, I'm not being sarcastic.) :D

In the meantime, I remembered I was supposed to be doing drabbles every so often for [livejournal.com profile] stories_100, so here are two Vampire Chronicles drabbles for my Louis/Lestat challenge thing, on the themes of Quest )and Play. )

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It was The Simpsons tonight that inspired 'Quest'. Well, wherever one can find inspiration...

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Well, [profile] stories_100 is actually rather fun. Some of you are already on there, but dude... give it a try. I loves me some drabbles.

Anyway, here are my first three, for anyone interested:


Teammates )

Air )
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So, RL has dragged the writing of this Vampire Chronicles fic out to such a ridiculously long time that I think I lost the will to live for a while. Anyway, if nothing else, it was fun to write with that wench [personal profile] saffronlie again and now it's out here, on my journal and it CAN LEAVE ME ALONE.

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My friend [livejournal.com profile] sc1ssors1ster writes Savage Garden slash. It's great, but I have this affliction-- when I read it out to someone else, I start laughing. Thankfully, she understands that this is because I keep imagining my sweet, unassuming friend writing it and it tickles me, not because I'm mocking the story.

Warning: I laugh like a hyena on this one.

Extra special thanks to the ever-loveleh [livejournal.com profile] sc1ssors1ster, cool wench du jour.
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A few moments where I trip over the words, but here be ficcage reading for those who requested it.
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Finally wrote something. In like half an hour. Ah, well.

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